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SUOXIN Market Research (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a professional independent third party market research and information technology institutions, headquartered in Beijing, China. Through continuous innovation, R & D investment plus efficient integration of manpower, technology, information resources, we provide clients with value-for-money Mystery Shopper Study/Brand Experiences, Channel Tracking & Ad-hoc research services about market & consumer insights.

Strictly complying with international market research industry standards & norms, we objectively & neutrally collect, analyze information about the market environment, consumer behavior & attitudes. While helping clients lead to superior business performance, we are dedicated to achieving win-win for employees, partners and the society.

Corporate Mission: Act as clients’ trusted partner, helping clients lead to superior business performance.

Development Vision: To create a healthy & win-win industry ecosystem and grow up to leading global market research brand acclaimed by the people.

Professionalism: Integrity, Rigorousness, Innovation & Excellence.

Talent Philosophy: Human & performance oriented with excellent ability & morality possessed.

Quality Principle: Products is just character. We are strictly responsible for the following procedure, to provide higher quality products/services for internal and external clients, striving to exceed client's expectations.

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