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Channel Tracking/Audit

Channel Tracking Service

As for the brands and enterprises in consumer goods industry, only by taking good control of channels & retail terminals, having timely insight to consumer/shopper psychology & behavior changes as well as launching marketable products, can they be the market winner. Nowadays as the online shopping is becoming more popular and the product is increasingly homogeneous it’s particularly important to control channels/terminals well and improve the quality & radius of the logistics distribution.

• So how to fully control the channel structure or distribution?

• What about the competitor's product portfolio and market strategy in the store?

• how to exert influence on the final purchase decision of customers and shoppers?

• How to effectively control the dealer and the sales team?......


Utilizing mobile Internet technology and integration of resources from O2O, SUOXIN launched a highly innovative mobile end research platform to achieve win-win business for all stakeholders. Thus the traditional mode of time-consuming, laborious and expensive surveys including but not limited to channel tracking, store auditing, outdoor advertising monitoring and other research projects will become higher quality, more efficient and inexpensive, which helps enterprises control the market dynamics in time.

Our service covers channels below:

Hypermarket, Supermarket, CVS, Grocery Trade, Cosmetics Stores, Baby Stores, Dealer and Wholesaler...

Our service areas include but not limited to:

Channel Audit

Instore Observation

Promotion Management

Monitoring of New Product Launch

Pinpoint Market Opportunities

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